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Available Courses

  • Cost: €35.00

    This course looks at some common internet and computer scams, what you can do to protect yourself online, and how you can protect your mobile phone and computer.

  • It’s important to understand that Cyber Security Awareness is a necessity for everyone in your organisation, not just the IT guys.
  • This Dangerous Goods By Air Awareness Course aims provide delegates with a general awareness and an insight into rolls and responsibilities from being able to recognise the UN classification system, through to accident and incident procedures, as stated in the course content.

  • Cost: €150.00
    This programme is designed to provide security officers new to the industry with the basic knowledge to assist them to carry out everyday security tasks.
  • This course is designed to provide the learner with an understanding of the security duties and procedures for those working doors of pubs, nightclubs, fast food outlets and theatres.
  • Cost: €20.00

    Security Guards direct traffic. This course will cover the correct manner by which to direct vehicular and pedestrian traffic and the proper use of hand signals.

  • These are nationally recognised qualifications designed to meet the needs of the world of work.
  • Cost: €400.00
    This course provides the necessary skills and knowledge for those who wish to apply for an SIA licence and work as a Close Protection Operative.
  • This course will introduce and define terms associated with workplace violence and harassment. It will also lay the foundations upon which an effective workplace violence, harassment and bullying prevention program can be established.

  • This Retail Security Course is designed to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to work as a Retail Security Officer performing practical security duties and procedures, to include loss prevention techniques, and responding to security situations, in order to maintain a safe and secure environment for staff and member of the public.

  • This Security Supervisor Course is designed to enable people working in the Security Industry to progress to a supervisory level within the industry and take on roles such as Security Team Leader and Security Supervisor.

  • This course takes a detailed look at Electronic Eavesdropping.

  • Cost: €35.00

    This course takes a detailed look at the Security of Vehicles.

  • This course looks at the whole area of Offences against the Person.

  • This course looks at the specific issues and concerns relating to Building Site Security.

  • This course takes a details view of Theft Related Offences.

  • Cost: €20.00

    This course takes a detailed look at Evidence & Statements.

  • This course is designed for the business professional and corporate employees who may be at risk from threats of intelligence gathering at home, whilst traveling or in the workplace.

  • Cost: €20.00
    This course provides you with the the information you need to get your CV together and prepare a great cover letter.
  • This demanding Private Investigators Course is designed for those who wish to embark on a career as a Private Investigator. All the required skills in order to work as an Investigator will be taught. The training empowers course participants to start a career in the Private Investigation Industry.

  • Cost: €25.00

    The Airport GSAT course is a mandatory requirement for anyone needing to be issued with a full pass permitting unescorted access to the Restricted Zone (RZ), excluding persons who are in receipt of directed training (and refresher training as required).

  • This course outlines the duties of a Security Officer during a trade dispute.
  • Cost: €35.00
    This course takes a comprehensive look at the offence of Trespass.
  • Cost: €35.00
    This course looks at the use of notebooks for reports and giving evidence in court.
  • In this course we will look at the use of electronic aids in the Security Industry.

  • Essential training for anyone facing a job interview
  • This is course takes a comprehensive look at starting up a business in Ireland.

  • This course considers critical elements of investigative techniques, reports, and procedures.
  • This course aims to raise awareness of Crime Prevention in the Workplace.

  • Cost: €35.00
    This course is suited to anyone who handles or banks cash.
  • Cost: €40.00
    This course on Anti-Kidnapping works to educate professionals on the risks of kidnapping and key measures for identifying potential risk of kidnapping and preventing the act.
  • Cost: €40.00
    This course looks at the whole area of Questioning Procedure
  • Cost: €65.00
    Risk Management is concerned with the protection and conservation of corporate assets and resources.
  • This course consists of two modules:
    1. Emergency Situations
    2. Emergency Evacuations
  • Cost: €250.00
    This is a comprehensive course for anyone looking to work in Retail Security
  • This course provides the essential introduction to the key ideas, techniques and issues that are at the heart of professional security management today.
  • Cost: €65.00
  • Cost: €35.00

  • Cost: €35.00

  • Cost: €65.00
  • Cost: €65.00

  • Cost: €65.00

  • This course has been designed to provide comprehensive training at all levels in security surveying and risk analysis of new and existing assignments.