Access Control is one of the essential responsibilities of a Security Officer.  Security Officers control movement of personnel and materials in, out of, or within a facility that are essential to normal operations, and prevent unauthorized access and egress. Security Officers must understand access controls and measures involving the interaction of human resources in conjunction with other supporting security elements such as electronic systems and physical barriers.

Access Control

This unit will help you learn how to:

  • Identify the purposes of access and egress control;
  • Control access in different areas of a site;
  • Use different ways to control access;
  • Identify duties of a security officer when using different methods of access and egress control;
  • State the powers and identification requirements of statutory agencies;

This course is 1.5 hours long and covers the following topics:

  1. Purpose of Access Control
  2. Methods of Access Control
  3. Mechanical Access Control
  4. Electronic Access Controls
  5. Access Control Systems
  6. Rules For Access
  7. Elevator & Escalator Operation
  8. Access Control Areas
  9. Perimeter Protection Systems
  10. Access Control at Reception
  11. ID Cards & Passes
  12. Access Control at the Gate Houses
  13. Visitors Log
  14. Parking Control
  15. Visitors from Statutory Agencies
  16. Limitations on Access Control Mechanisms
  17. Conducting Security Checks & Searches


All learners that successfully complete all required coursework and training for this course will receive a Certificate of Completion from This shall be emailed to you after your test scores have been reviewed.

Course Price

35 per individual.

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"I though your course on Maritime Security was excellent and I really increased my knowledge of this area."

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