THE Human Resource Management Office (HRMO) of the Davao City Government is set to hold more training for all security personnel and watchmen to remind them of their mission as public safety providers.

Ghana’s corporate security sector needs to be given more attention if the nation has any chance of averting future attacks by terrorists, this is according to Security management expert Captain Asare Bediako (rtd).

Saudi Arabia has arrested 17 suspected Islamic State sympathisers accused of plotting attacks on religious officials, security forces, civilian districts and economic and military targets, the interior ministry said on Monday.

The Punjab government will train 16,000 security guards in one year to fight crime and terrorism across the province. is delighted to announce that it has now partnering with a leading training provider in Manchester, Dynamis Education Centre.

A core body of knowledge on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design or CPTED as it is coined into a term of art. There are many worthy article contribution candidates to consider and here are 10 classics to make sure are in your library.

Expert says that this is jeopardising the safety and security of people.

Nightclub bouncers and doormen have been known to physically eject obnoxious patrons with such force that they caused serious injury and sometimes death.

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Global demand for security services is driven by rising urbanization, the real and perceived risks of crime and terrorism, and a belief that public safety measures are insufficient.

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In a world where budgets are tight, and bottom lines daunting, it makes sense that governments around the world have to do more with less, or they just have to do less.


"I though your course on Maritime Security was excellent and I really increased my knowledge of this area."

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