A core body of knowledge on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design or CPTED as it is coined into a term of art. There are many worthy article contribution candidates to consider and here are 10 classics to make sure are in your library.

 1. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design; book, (the updated Crowe book, edited by Lawrence Fennelly)

2. Annotated Bibliography on CPTED, by Greg Saville, Ph.D., Prof Sean Michaels, and Joel Warren from Utah State University; Today this work remains one of the most expansive CPTED bibliographies in the world. 

3. DOJ: Center for Problem Oriented Policing: Using CPTED in Problem Solving (Diane Zahm)

4. 21st Century CPTED and Security (Randy Atlas, editor)

5. National Crime Prevention Council - CPTED Best Practices from Weed and Seed Sites

6. National Criminal Justice Reference Service - Florida's Approach to CPTED (by Sherry and Stan Carter)

7.Wiki - CPTED

8. Australian Conference on Designing Out Crime

9. International CPTED Association

10. Our 'The' CPTED Linkedin Group, representing the largest CPTED group with over 3780+ members


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