Unfortunately, many people feel as if they are constantly working while coming to the realization that they actually accomplish very little. Often times, this struggle is the product of not effectively managing tasks in the limited amount of time available. This course will give you valuable information about common barriers to effectively managing your time at work, along with concrete techniques to maximize what you can get done during the work day.

Time Management

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Define time management.
  • Explain the importance of time management.
  • List common obstacles to effective time management.
  • Use concrete techniques such as planning, prioritization, and goal-setting to manage a work load more efficiently .
  • Overcome procrastination.
  • Delegate work to others.

This course is 3 hours long and covers the following topics:

  1. What is Time Management?
  2. The Importance Of Time Management
  3. The Pareto Principle
  4. The Three Uses Of Time
  5. Time Management Myths
  6. Obstacles To Time Management
  7. Time Wasting Traps
  8. Time Stealers
  9. Mental Barriers
  10. Procrastination
  11. When You Are Procrastinating?
  12. Why do people procrastinate?
  13. Steps to Overcoming Procrastination
  14. Delegation
  15. How Do I Start To Delegate?
  16. Getting Organized
  17. Tips To Getting Organized
  18. Scheduling
  19. Time Management Analysis
  20. Activity Log
  21. Time Management Matrix
  22. Planning And Prioritising
  23. To-Do Lists
  24. Making a To-Do List
  25. Action Plans
  26. Sample Action Plan
  27. Goal Setting
  28. Goal Setting Tips
  29. Time Management Tips
  30. The Four D’s


All learners that successfully complete all required coursework and training for this course will receive a Certificate of Completion from eCPD.ie. This shall be emailed to you after your test scores have been reviewed.

Course Price

€65 per individual.

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