We all negotiate all the time, but we may not call it negotiating. How often have you offered to cut the grass if your partner does the shopping? Or, as a child, offered to do your homework on time if you can stay up a bit later?

 Negotiation Skills

The aim of this course is to show how you can be more influential and persuasive when you negotiate, without resorting to bullying, manipulation or misuse of authority.

Once you have completed this unit you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of negotiation processes and characteristics;
  • Plan a process to achieve a commercial outcome through negotiation;
  • Apply negotiation skills;
  • Close a commercial negotiation;
  • Evaluate personal performance in the negotiation.

This course is 2 hours long and covers the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Negotiation
  2. Why Negotiate?
  3. Why Some Negotiations Fail
  4. Negotiating Styles
  5. Innovator
  6. Communicator
  7. Processor
  8. Activator
  9. Pre-Negotiation
  10. Negotiation Process
  11. Preparation for Negotiation
  12. Influencing
  13. Skills of Influencing and Persuasion
  14. Communicating with Confidence
  15. Communication Skill Rules for Negotiators
  16. Aggressive and Passive Behaviour
  17. Assertiveness
  18. Building Rapport
  19. Body Language
  20. Body Language Tips
  21. Negotiating
  22. Coming to an Agreement


All learners that successfully complete all required coursework and training for this course will receive a Certificate of Completion from eCPD.ie. This shall be emailed to you after your test scores have been reviewed.

Course Price

€65 per individual.

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